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Sweeping the Autumn Leaves of Business

09/11/2017 - By


For the past few weeks, there have been fallen leaves everywhere underfoot. Sweeping away the leaves in autumn probably goes back to primitive people keeping their cave entrances clear…

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How to Get Your Message Across

04/10/2017 - By


Everyone wants to get their message across, and it’s even more crucial than ever for a business, now you may be operating against world-wide competition. So how do you…

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Business Networking in Europe

16/08/2017 - By

Business Networking in Europe

It’s summer, and you may be heading for various points of Europe for your holidays — soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine, exploring the fjords of Scandinavia or marvelling at…

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Does Business Need A ‘Season’?

16/06/2017 - By


Early summer is traditionally the time for some of the major events in the calendar of High Society – known as the ‘Season’ : Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the Henley…

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Shakespeare and the Power of the Written Word

26/04/2017 - By


Have you complained that someone refuses to budge an inch, or promised to fight till the last gasp for something important to you? Have you tried to break the…

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Spring — The Time of New Beginnings

21/03/2017 - By


There’s no question that spring is well on its way. Despite ups and downs, the weather’s a good deal warmer than it was a few…

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