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What Have Pancakes to Do with Forward Planning?

22/02/2017 - By


The last day of February this year is Shrove Tuesday, popularly known as Pancake Day. It’s a movable feast, sometimes in February and sometimes in…

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2016 — What a Year!

08/12/2016 - By


2016 is almost at an end, and what a year it’s been! Every year has plenty happening, but not usually such extremes. We’re finishing the year with plenty of…

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Being a Working Mother

19/10/2016 - By

Working mother

Now that the children are back at school, women all over the country will be juggling work commitments with the school run. An increasing number of fathers are starting…

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Change – Challenge or Opportunity?

25/08/2016 - By


Since June, we’ve plunged into almost unprecedented change. The vote to leave the EU has moved the goalposts we’ve been playing with for the past forty years, but even…

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Get Your Work-Life Balance Right This Summer

27/06/2016 - By


Summer’s with us and it’s a time when most of us want to go on holiday, enjoy outdoor events or spend time in the sunshine with our children, but…

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St George’s Day — Slaying the Dragons of Business

25/04/2016 - By

St George

England’s national day is a strange one, celebrating a saint who, if he existed at all, had nothing to do with this country. The stories say he…

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