Can the Wartime Spirit Help Your Business Triumph?

Earlier this month was the eightieth anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2. It’s often said that the War, traumatic as it was, brought out the best of the United Kingdom, and certainly a combination of inspired leadership and stubborn determination from everyone got us out of a desperate position.

Hopefully your business hasn’t got its back against the wall, but can that same combination help you triumph?

Inspired Leadership in Your Business

A member of Churchill’s war cabinet once commented, much later, that he always left you feeling that you’d made history. If you want to get your staff team fired up to give 110%, that’s the kind of impression you need to be giving them.

You own attitude will make a big difference, of course. How can you expect your employees to get fired up about your business if your excitement and enthusiasm aren’t infectiously obvious?

One of the key things that made Churchill such an effective war leader was his communication. By using simple, compelling language, he was able to make even the negatives seem inspiring — such as the famous “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” A mixture of honesty and inspiration can have similar effects on your staff.

Stubborn Determination in Your Business

One of the differences between triumph and failure is refusal to give up. In your business, though, as during the War, one or two people’s determination isn’t enough. It has to be found everywhere.

You need a culture in your business where your employees don’t give up on chasing that contract, or are willing to put in extra time to meet a vital deadline. Not, of course, because they feel they have to, or because they’re worried about keeping their jobs. It only comes over convincingly if it’s because they feel this is their business as well as yours.

We’re All in It Together

“We’re all in it together” — it’s a bit of a clichéd phrase now, often used as excuse to persuade people to put up with something. But what happened during World War 2 showed how effective this kind of attitude can be if it’s genuinely felt.

This was the “Blitz spirit”, which helped our parents and grandparents make it through the darkest days of the War and triumph in the end. And that’s the spirit you need to foster in your business, not only to get through the rough patches, but to make sure you triumph. Why not get in touch with me to see how the Resource Centre can help you achieve that?