Is telemarketing dead?

Most B2B businesses have had it tough over the past two and a half years and some might say that it’s not going to get much easier due to the cost-of-living crisis, soaring energy prices, and living in a post-pandemic world.

So, today, every business needs as much help as it can get.

We will all have to manage costs carefully but, in order to grow and not just stand still, or, even worse, stagnate, marketing activities need to continue. 

There are many benefits from telemarketing, especially if you outsource it.

Telemarketing specialists have a wealth of experience, motivation and persistence as they actually enjoy doing what they do – probably unlike you or I!

What are the benefits of outsourcing your telemarketing activities?

  • Staff are experienced so minimal training is required
  • You are not paying salaries, NI, pension, holidays or sickness 
  • You are not paying for equipment or any calls made 
  • You are not paying a manager to supervise, train or motivate telemarketers

In an automated world, telemarketing is an individual direct marketing approach that provides a human touch. Telemarketing offers prospects the opportunity to ask questions and the telemarketer to gain more information and data. 

In today’s business world there is a place for all aspects of marketing and telemarketing complements social media and the internet.  

Telemarketing creates a genuine sales pipeline built on conversations, forming professional relationships between your company, and the prospect.  

Telemarketing can never die!