Spring — a Time to Grow Your Business?

Spring is here. Well, officially, at any rate. The saying goes that March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. We’ve had plenty of wind in March, and no doubt there’ll be showers in April, so hopefully our surroundings will soon be bursting into blossom.

Everything grows in spring — so is that going to include your business?

A New Year (Again)

The main business feature of spring is the start of the new tax year. Whether or not it has an impact on how your business is running at the moment, it’s a good time to focus on new projects and initiatives. But have you ever wondered why it’s at such a strange time?

It goes back to 1752, when we changed calendars. Before then, New Year’s Day had been 25th March and, besides moving that, the government cut eleven days from the year to bring the calendar back into sync with the heavens. But the Inland Revenue wasn’t having any of it — a tax year had to be a year. So 365 days after 25th March 1752 was 5th April 1753, and a later adjustment added it another day.

Giving Your Business a Spring Clean

Spring is also the time to give your home a thorough clean and tidy after winter. Hopefully your business has been running at full power, but it can be hard to feel positive or innovative when it’s dark half the daytime and often miserable for the rest.

So why not set yourself a new project this spring? It doesn’t have to be anything as major as a new product. Perhaps you could rethink a particular part of your strategy, explore a new channel for promoting your business or set a target for finding new customers during the spring season.

What Do You Need for Your Spring Plans?

If you were literally doing a spring clean, you’d be stocking up on cleaning products and maybe investing in a new hoover. In the same way, your spring initiative will need tools, whether those are repurposed or new.

If you want to keep it in house, you’ll need to identify which of your staff are especially suited to the tasks to be done and discuss it to make sure they’re fully on board with you. Or you may want to outsource some of it, whether that involves connecting with a business coach or using a marketing specialist. To generate leads, for instance.

You’re very welcome to give me a call if The Resource Centre can be a part of your plans. Whatever they are, I hope your business will grow and blossom this spring.