A Time for Giving — In Business Too?

Christmas is just around the corner — so what does it mean to you? To some it has a religious meaning, while to others it’s a time for having fun. Perhaps it’s a season to concentrate on your family, or else for service to those in need.

Most of us can agree, though, that Christmas is a time for giving and receiving presents. But giving doesn’t have to be restricted to Christmas — and that applies especially to your business.

Why Should We Give in Business?

So what’s giving got to do with business? After all, the ultimate aim of your business is to make money for yourself, isn’t it?

Of course it is, but the reality is that you don’t usually get far in business by being callous and selfish. More than ever today, people buy people. But also, people buy people they like, and the best way of getting people to like you is showing generosity.

The Easiest Way of Giving

Giving to the people you want to do business with doesn’t have to be expensive — or even cost anything at all. The simplest thing is to become an advocate for them, whether that’s mentioning them in the right circles or looking out for people you can refer them to.

But isn’t that time consuming? After all, time is money.

It doesn’t have to be. I’m not talking necessarily about spending an hour every day looking for people you can refer your contacts to. All you need to do is remain aware of the people you value and want to make a good impression on, so that you can mention or recommend them whenever the need or opportunity arises.

Going the Extra Mile

Another way of giving, which might cost a little in time, is going out of your way to give a better quality of service to your customers than they might expect. If you’re supplying goods, get them to your valued customer earlier than they’d anticipate. If you’re offering a service, perhaps you could add some little extra for free.

Giving a bit extra to your customers or contacts, whether it’s spreading the word, referring or going the extra mile, is not just an abstract “good karma” — like karma, it’s likely to return to you. People who know you’re willing to give (even when it’s not to them) will be more likely to turn to you.

Strange as it seems, being kind can be part of your marketing strategy, as well as doing the right thing. You’re welcome to get in touch with the Resource Centre for more ideas — and, meanwhile, have a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year.


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