Does Business Need A ‘Season’?

Early summer is traditionally the time for some of the major events in the calendar of High Society – known as the ‘Season’ : Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the Henley Regatta, the Chelsea Flower Show. These are enthusiastically followed, of course, by people who love tennis, racing, rowing and gardens, but for many they’re an excuse to wear bizarre hats and eat strawberries and cream.

In the old-world order, these events were highly significant as part of the ‘Season’. Young debs would hope to attract a rich or aristocratic husband (ideally both), while other members of High Society would take the opportunity to catch up with one another and play one-upmanship.

Back then, too, this kind of society included the more successful people in business. The aristocrats might have sneered at those who’d made their own money, but that didn’t stop them trying to get their hands on some of it. The social calendar ‘Season’ was also an opportunity for business to be done.

That Was Then, This Is Now

It’s not like that now, of course. Not that the Victorian or Edwardian equivalents of SMEs ever did have the opportunity to join in these events. So,what can we do that gives us the kind of contacts that used to be made at Ascot or Henley?

One ongoing opportunity lies in networking groups. These come in a wide variety of forms, ranging from drop-in groups, where you simply meet and mingle, to more formal versions, often based around breakfast or another meal. They provide a focused opening to interact with people who could be potential clients, or otherwise useful contacts, and arrange to follow these contacts up.

Networking groups are local and frequent (you could very easily go to one every weekday, if you chose) but there are also bigger events that, like Wimbledon or Royal Ascot, only come round occasionally. These are the business shows and expos, and the biggest can attract business people from all over the country and beyond. You can come back from a show loaded down with so many business cards it takes you weeks to work your way through them all.

Make Your Own Season

Unlike High Society, business doesn’t need a “season” for meeting up. Every week is its own season. Of course, you still have to convert all those potential clients, which means hitting the phones (or getting someone like us to do it for you).

But at least you can get the contacts you need without having to wear silly hats. Not that the occasional chance to eat strawberries and cream would be unwelcome.


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