Every Great Business Relationship Is a Royal Wedding

It’s not every year that we have a royal wedding, and certainly not one as unusual as this, with a meeting of different worlds. But it’s essentially what we’re doing all the time in the process of developing a business relationship.

Celebrating the Differences

If you regularly attend business networking events, you’ll appreciate the vast range of business types out there. I see it even more up close, since I work with a whole gamut of business owners and board directors — anyone from a personal trainer, accountant, CEO of national company to an American VP of a global business.

Even for those businesses who don’t rely entirely on that kind of relationship, understanding and being able to work with very different companies is crucial. If you’re B-to-B, anyone could be your client. And, if you’re B-to-C, you may still need their services.

Suppose you’re an electrician, for example. You might not be targeting other businesses as customers (though they could need you for their premises) but you may need them.

You may, for instance, need a business coach to help you find direction; a marketeer to develop your strategies; a website designer to create your online presence; a graphic designer to create your branding and business cards; a copywriter to create your written marketing; and an accountant to help you manage all the money that comes rolling in.

Business Marriages

Whether you’re dealing with potential clients, potential suppliers or the public, a great relationship is crucial — and it can become close enough to be almost like a marriage. No business can exist in a vacuum, let alone thrive, and the people you want to help you build your enterprise and to make money need to be courted, won and kept.

Remember that no business is unique, and your target customer always has the choice of going elsewhere. Unless what you do is so niche that no-one else has thought of it, in which case you’ll have to persuade people they need what you offer.

The best business relationships are like marriages. Both sides know they can rely on the other, and they’re in it for the long haul. There may be rocky patches; there may be rival businesses catching their eye; but, if you’ve worked hard to make the relationship strong and valued (instead of throwing everything at new prospects, as some businesses do) it will stand firm.

We wish Harry and Meghan all the best for their life together. We also wish all of you the best for whatever royal weddings you may be involved in. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can help.


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