How to Get Your Message Across

Everyone wants to get their message across, and it’s even more crucial than ever for a business, now you may be operating against world-wide competition. So how do you make sure you’re doing it effectively?

What Is the Message?

You can’t get your message across unless you know what it is. That may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many entrepreneurs try to promote their business without that first step.

Every business has a USP (unique selling point) that distinguishes it from its competitors — and, if it doesn’t, it’s in trouble. Even if you offer identical products or services, you offer them in your own way, with your own philosophy. Perhaps the difference is your unique personality or skill-set.

Your USP is the message you need to get across, and as a business owner, you should be able to explain it on demand. It’s what your business is.

Who Is the Message For?

In the same way, you also need to know who you want to talk to. If you’re selling maternity products, for instance, you don’t want to be trying to communicate with a mainly male sports club. You might get lucky, but it’s likely to be wasted effort.

It can help to visualise your ideal client — or two or three, if you have a diverse business. Where are your clients likely to hang out? If you’re B2B, for instance, LinkedIn is probably a better target than Facebook, but the reverse may be true for a B2C company.

Getting Your Message Across

You can use a number of channels to get your message across. As mentioned, social media is an important one, as long as you use it appropriately. The purpose of a tweet or Facebook post isn’t to sell, but to get the reader clicking on your site.

Similarly, a regular blog or newsletter is primarily to engage people, not to sell. It needs to be well written and interesting, perhaps offering information for free. Above all, it needs to express who you are — your USP, not your products or services.

And don’t forget direct marketing. Getting on the phone to prospective clients can be a powerful way of engaging them, as long as you don’t come over as one of those annoying cold-callers. It’s a skilful balance, but if you don’t feel confident about doing it yourself, you can always hire someone or outsource it.

In the end, though, you have to understand and believe in your message. Integrity can’t be faked — it has to come from within.

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