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Valentine’s Day and Business — What’s Love Got to Do with It?

04/02/2016 - By


Valentine’s Day is looming, and some business sectors don’t need to ask what it has to do with them. If you’re connected with greetings cards, chocolates, flowers,…

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Are you making sure your staff are motivated?

07/01/2016 - By


You know how it is. Some mornings you just don’t feel like going into work – and you’re the boss!

So how do you reckon your staff feels? More to…

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Social Media Tips

03/12/2015 - By

About Us

Social media is like a great big party that everyone is invited to. It’s a simplistic but highly effective way to meet new people, share your ideas and build…

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Will the young people in your company be voting?

23/04/2015 - By

About Us

With the upcoming general election less than a month away a hot topic at the moment focuses on why the majority of young people are increasingly disengaged from politics?…

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Building Client Relationships is what we do best!

25/02/2015 - By

About Us

At times in business we sometimes think that all we do is sell parts or do repairs, printing or financial consulting etc. but this is not true!

Even if you…

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Talent Spotting!

17/10/2014 - By

Talent spotting

This week has revived the issues of workplace employment discrimination with one headline: ‘’Bar advertising for recent graduates’’, stating employers have been isolating candidates in the over-50’s age range….

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