Q:      Why should we use The Resource Centre instead of hiring our own staff?

A:      There are a few reasons why you should use The Resource Centre to generate sales appointments:

  • We are experienced in making quality calls
  • We are highly motivated.  Not all days are good and for in-house staff working alone, this can often prove demoralising.  We support each other and maintain a productive atmosphere
  • The Resource Centre staff work as a team and which means that your account will always be worked
  • You are only paying for the time worked and not for sickness, holidays, equipment, training etc.

Q:      Some companies promise a certain number of appointments each month.  How many appointments can I expect from The Resource Centre each month?

A:      The Resource Centre never guarantees the number of appointments we can book as a lot depends on your business type and the criteria you wish us to work from.  Most appointments tend to need nurturing and can take us a few calls to generate into appointments. 

It is clearly in our interest to generate as much solid business for you as possible and our business has been built and established on rock-solid relationships. These are relationships that would not exist without results.

Q:      Cost

A:      We can provide a daily rate for our services – which can be found in Our Pricing page., or we can price a project or campaign in its entirety for you. The final cost will depend on your requirements and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Q:      Will we be tied into a contract and if so, for how long?

A:      Each project/campaign needs to be worked on for a trial period (usually between one and three months) in order to build up momentum.  After that however, we work on a monthly rolling contract with either side giving the other a month’s notice in writing.