Are you making sure your staff are motivated?

You know how it is. Some mornings you just don’t feel like going into work – and you’re the boss!

So how do you reckon your staff feels? More to the point, what do you do to keep that telemarketing team of yours motivated and chirpy all year round?

Many employers believe money is the big incentive. And yes, it does pay a huge part – that’s why most of us are working in the first place after all. But it’s not the ‘be all and end all’. Some firms have found, for instance, that staff would prefer other motivators to cash.

Others have ongoing competitions such as Sales Employee of the Month or organise regular office tombola. Competitions like this can have the double effect of boosting both individual and team morale.

We’ve come up with a few other creative ideas to keep your employees singing as they stroll into work:

  • Rotate staff to allow them to come into contact with other people. Most people enjoy forming new relationships and it’s good for individual esteem as well as team-building
  • Hold regular one-to-one sessions with staff so you can nip any potential problems swiftly in the bud before they get out of hand. This also gives you a chance to let staff know how much you appreciate them
  • Make your office a nice environment to work in physically. Do you have nice pictures on the walls and the odd plant or two sitting on desks? Do individuals have plenty of space between their desks or chairs? Is the office too cold/not warm enough? All of these things have an effect on the psyche and performance in turn
  • Everyone loves Dress Down Friday. What about having this once every two or three months? Maybe you could decorate the office on Halloween or get everyone to wear a red nose on Comic Relief?
  • Pizza and cake days are popular. Not only do they help break up routine but they add an air of anticipation to a normal working day. They’re also a good bonding exercise

That’s just some ideas we’ve come up with at the Resource Centre but we’re sure you have some tips of your own you could pass on. Whatever they are, we’d love to hear them…

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