Building Client Relationships is what we do best!

At times in business we sometimes think that all we do is sell parts or do repairs, printing or financial consulting etc. but this is not true!

Even if you do sell or provide these services to other businesses they don’t make the decision, a real person does. We are all in a people business and making that person feel cared for and as important as everyone else will help the sale and hopefully a long term relationship to develop and continue over time.

We have found over time in any business whether it be face to face or over the telephone, building client relationship is the key to any success. One of the most important things to do is know the name of your client or their PA, Secretary or Receptionist as this starts a bond, especially if they now recognise your name or voice. Let one person deal with another rather than passing them around a team. By making personal contact as time goes by they know that you will work hard to please them and give them the final outcome they want.

If you are meeting a potential new client for the first time make them feel welcome. If it is by phone think about your tone of voice and also listen to what they are saying.

People like to talk to people and not with machines. We have all had the automated response phone call where you press buttons and are left on hold for a long time and we all know how annoying this can be! There is no care or feeling in the voice so we close down, the defence is set strong and most times we hang up. If you’re talking to a person you feel slightly more relaxed.

Make sure your after sale care follows things up. Ask if they are happy with what you have done for them and if not ask why and be sure not to make the mistake a second time, if you are given the opportunity.

Remember, a friendly, efficient person on the end of the telephone is worth their weight in gold!

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