Talent Spotting!

This week has revived the issues of workplace employment discrimination with one headline: ‘’Bar advertising for recent graduates’’, stating employers have been isolating candidates in the over-50’s age range.  Coupled with Theresa May’s comments on women to stop intimidating men in the workplace, most of us are left wondering if there is anything we can do right when choosing impartially yet effectively who we employ!

Furthermore do we actually know what talents we already have within our current staff? Have you already got what you’re looking for within your own team? Undiscovered talent is everywhere, the more you look the more you’ll find!

Whilst skills and knowledge can be learnt within the workplace, individual talents can substantially propel your business to the next level.

Like here at the Resource Centre we have our office comedians who bring light to sales calls by using their snappy one-liners to ease our customers into friendly conversation; break the ice and build rapport by communicating in a relaxed and effective way. Talent doesn’t cost a penny but welcomes good sales and brings us great reputation!

Think of yourself as a talent builder and learn what your staff can do or have already achieved outside their day to day routines and use these attributes and incorporate them into tasks.  After all we all like doing things we are good at so you’re killing two birds with one stone; keeping your staff feeling appreciated (and therefore keeping your staff turnover down) and  using new ways to motivate your staff to increase sales.

Even creative talents such as photography or even social media enthusiasts used strategically may ‘’open new doors’’ for your company.

So why not give it a try! Talent, however big or small doesn’t cost you a penny and it’s right in front of you. You never know, the answer to your business thriving may be in held in the mind of someone in your office right now!

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