Does Your Business Live Up to the Promise of Remembrance Day?

This year’s Remembrance Day is a very special one, marking the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War One. We’ll be remembering the countless servicemen and women who gave their lives in that conflict and of many more in the intervening century. 

Whatever your opinion of the wars, it’s impossible not to admire the people who sacrificed themselves for what they believed was right. It’s a good time to think about giving to the community — and that includes your business as well as yourself. 

What Can Your Business Give? 

Serving the community can be compatible with running a successful business. As long as you’re providing an honest, valuable service to your customers, they’re benefiting from your business, as are your employees and their families. 

It doesn’t have to end there, though. There are many ways in which you can actively engage in the community, from sponsoring charities to sharing your skills — and they can all be good for business at the same time. 

Sharing Your Skills 

You’re an expert. You may be an expert in the technical side of your business or in the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur, but there are many ways of giving it back. 

Have you considered taking on an apprentice? You could be helping train the next generation, whether providing them with the skills to excel in their chosen sector or inspiring them to emulate you in creating a successful business. 

Alternatively, there are many not-for-profit organisations helping new entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Many would value the experience you can pass on. The odd hour would not only help build the businesses of the future, but also create good relationships for you. 

Supporting Good Causes 

There are too many charities to hope to support them all, but you don’t need to. You may choose a cause for personal reasons, or it could be one that arises through your business contacts or your interest in the local community. 

Besides simply donating or helping out, your business can engage with a charity in various ways. You could donate something, for instance, for a raffle prize, or sponsor an event. 

Of course, this will bring your business to public notice in an excellent light — but only if that’s not your main reason for doing it. Most people aren’t fools, and they can spot a cynical ploy. Support your chosen charities because you’re passionate about them, and the benefits will come as a side effect. 

You want to be successful, naturally, but that doesn’t stop you serving the community. Just like those we remember on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.


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