Have You Got a Plan for 2019?

2018 is coming to an end. It’s been a momentous year, and 2019 promises to pose unique challenges, and perhaps opportunities too. At the moment, of course, we’re all thinking about Christmas, whether that’s the big seasonal push for your business or relaxing with your family over the holiday.

Before we know it, though, the New Year will be here, and it’s important to be ready for it. So have you got a plan for 2019?

Why Do You Need a Plan?

Sometimes it’s nice to go out for a drive with no idea of where you’re heading. You drive around for a while, enjoying the scenery, and end up eventually back home. Or you end up hopelessly lost. You can use a Sat-Nav, of course, but that’s just going where you’re told.

All fine for a pleasant afternoon’s drive around, but if you want to get somewhere, especially by a deadline, you’ll need to know where you’re going in advance. It’s not just a matter of following a map — you have to work out how long the journey’s likely to take and allow plenty of time.

If your business is just a hobby, then there’s nothing wrong with setting out blindly and enjoying the ride. If you’re more serious about making it a success, however, you’re going to need to look at a map and plan your route carefully.

Planning for 2019

Without wishing to mention the B-word, 2019 looks likely to be an unusually unpredictable year. It’s impossible to know how the economy’s going to develop during the coming year — so doesn’t that mean there’s no point in planning?

Quite the reverse. A great business plan shouldn’t be set in stone, in any case. It’s there so that you know where you’re heading and how you intend to get there, but it also makes adjustments easier. If 2019 throws the odd curve-ball at you (as it’s likely to), your plan will help you adapt and incorporate the new circumstances into your plan.

Where Are Your Customers in 2019?

Although there are many aspects of your business that need planning. finding customers is crucial. Whether you’re a plumber or a solicitor, you won’t get far without customers. And, even if you feel you have plenty at the moment, it’s vital to know where new customers are coming from in six months. Or twelve months.

The Resource Centre could be part of your plans for 2019. For the time being, have a great Christmas and a successful New Year.


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