Keep Your Body and Your Business Healthy in Winter

By this stage of the winter, most of us have already had at least one cold. And your business isn’t that much different. It’s not just distractions like Christmas and the tax return deadline. Both you and your customers may have the winter blues and not be motivated to try anything adventurous.

Look After Yourself

It’s easy just to accept colds, flu and other bugs as a fact of life in a British winter. To some extent they are, but you can protect yourself. After all, if you’re ill for most of the winter, you’ll be able neither to enjoy your life or run your business effectively.

Having the flu jab doesn’t guarantee to protect you against all forms of flu, but it certainly helps. Otherwise, you can build up resistance to bugs by healthy living throughout the year.

Exercise is vital, and so is a healthy diet — and this means eating the right food, not necessarily less. In particular, ensure you get the full recommended intake of all vitamins, whether from your diet or from supplements.

Look After Your Business

Just as your body needs care and nurturing, so does your business. This is especially important in a period of downturn, whether for personal or economic reasons. Once momentum has been lost, it’s hard to recover it.

This means working hard to motivate your employees, your customers — and yourself, of course. Perhaps you could brainstorm with your staff to come up with new approaches and innovations they can feel invested in. It’s important, too, to give everybody (including yourself) targets that are challenging but achievable. And rewards are also important, both for your staff and yourself. They don’t need to be substantial — receiving a reward is more important than what it is.

Be sure to engage your customers as well, with new and exciting marketing, both for new prospects and old faithfuls. Your aim is to energise people who may be marking time till they feel more dynamic into enthusiasm about what you’re offering.

It’s Not Just for Winter

Just as staying healthy for winter involves working at it all year round, keeping your business healthy needs input twelve months a year. This includes the good times, when you’re getting as much work in as you can handle. It’s important not to take your foot off the pedal then, as your business may suffer for it a few months down the line.

Why not have a chat with us to see how we can help you reach out to new clients? Whatever season it might be.

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