Get Your Work-Life Balance Right This Summer

27/06/2016 - By RC-Admin1

Summer’s with us and it’s a time when most of us want to go on holiday, enjoy outdoor events or spend time in the sunshine with our children, but our working life has to go on too. More than any time of the year, summer shows up the need to get our work-life balance right.

The Problems

It’s an age-old problem, and one which the most financially successful business-people often haven’t got right. We all know the stereotype of the multiply-divorced tycoon whose children no longer speak to him, miserable in his mansion. But the work-life balance is an issue for us all, whether we’re employed or a business owner.

For an employee, the problem is often pressure from above, real or perceived, feeding anxiety about keeping the job you rely on for your income. On the face of it, a business owner might seem to have it easier, but if, like me, both your clients and your staff are relying on you, the pressure you put on yourself can be every bit as strong.

You have to fulfil your responsibilities in your business, as well making a living so that you and your family can have a good life. In the end, though, you also need to stop and ask yourself if you’re getting a chance to enjoy it.

Some Strategies

  • While you can’t just abandon your job or your business whenever you need to spend time with your family, you can schedule your time into work and personal or family time.
  • Identify the things you want to do in your personal life and work out how best to fit them in around your job.
  • As far as possible, switch off when you’re out of work. Who wants to take calls whilst sitting on a beach in the summer? If you absolutely have to take a phone call or do a bit of work at home, try to do it away from where you’re enjoying your family or leisure time.
  • Don’t promise yourself (or your family) that you’ll do something “when I have time”, because you never will. If you really can’t do it now, put it in your diary as a definite.
  • Exercise regularly and summer is a great time to do this. Besides keeping you physically fit, exercise releases endorphins which make you feel more positive about your life.
  • If you own a business, develop a team spirit and competencies so you all support and cover for one another, increasing everyone’s flexibility.

Ultimately, the most important change is in your attitude. Your personal life is at least as important as your job or business, and if you can’t enjoy it, especially the summer, what are you working for?


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