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Will the young people in your company be voting?

23/04/2015 - By RC-Admin1

With the upcoming general election less than a month away a hot topic at the moment focuses on why the majority of young people are increasingly disengaged from politics? With headlines such as ‘Youth Vote could be key in 2015’ it’s a concern across the UK.

Statics show last year less than half of 18-24 year olds voted. This proves that young people have the smallest voice when it comes to politics but do they know how politics affects them? Are young people being educated to understand that everything from how much they are paid per hour down to where their clothes are made is all related to politics? More importantly what is being done about it?

Efforts to encourage youth to vote include a quiz in the style of a popular social media site ‘Tinder’. You simply swipe to agree or disagree to a number of statements covering topics such as NHS, the benefit system and nuclear weapons. Their answers then produce a pie chart which will indicate which party your believes are best suited to. Other methods are video’s showing the importance of votes, social media hash tags and young campaigners on the streets.

The purpose of all these methods is simple; get young people talking about politics!

Here at the Resource Centre we employ four young people all eligible to vote.

Have you got young people in your office and will they be voting?

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